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ISO/IEC JTC 1 Special Working Group drafts: Information Technology - Accessibility Considerations for People with Disabilities

The ISO/IEC JTC (International Organization for Standardization and the International Electrotechnical Commission; Joint Technical Committee) Special Working Group (SWG) on Accessibility was established in 2004 and actioned to determine an approach, and implement, the gathering of user requirements, being mindful of the varied and unique opportunities (direct participation of user organizations, workshops, liaisons); identify a mechanism to work proactively to make forward progress; gather and publish an inventory of all known accessibility standards efforts; identify areas/technologies where voluntary standards are not being addressed and suggest an appropriate body to consider the new work; track public laws, policies/measures and guidelines to ensure the necessary standards are available; and through wide dissemination of the SWG materials, encourage the use of globally relevant voluntary standard.These 3 drafts were issued by the group, in 2008.

British Standards Institution 2011

(1) Accessibility Considerations - User Needs Summary  (PDF File)

(2) Accessibility Considerations - Standards Inventory  (PDF File)

(3) Accessibility Considerations - Guidance on User Needs Mappin  (PDF File)

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If you can't see things from a user's perspective, you can't make something accessible.

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