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A Faculty Kit for Universal Design in Education (UDE)

This Faculty Kit is offered as a start-up tool for anyone wanting to initiate training of faculty or Instructors. The Kit includes an FAQ sheet on UDE and a flier about the ACCESS-ed Website, which includes one side that discusses the 7 Principles of Universal Design, as applied to education. If one intends to assemble the Kit in a pocket folder, the FAQ goes on the bottom on the left side with the ACCESS-ed flier facing up on top on the left side. Six Posterettes on the right side of the folder give quick tips and checklists for Instructors to reference easily near their desks. Most Posterettes include 2 sides, one of which provides tips or checklist; the other which provides an of what makes the tips universal design tips and/or other related resource links. Suggested uses for the Kit include New Faculty Training, Teacher Assistant (TA) Orientations, and Faculty Professional Development Workshops about Universal Design in Education, focus on Post-secondary or Higher Education. A template for labels, which describe the Faculty Kit contents, is provided to place on the Faculty Kit covers. (Labels can be adapted with content changes.)

The ACCESS-ed and UD ITEACH Projects, R2D2 Center, UWM

ACCESS-ed Website Flier & UDE 7 Principles - Faculty Kit  (PDF File) (ACCESS-ed)

Accessible Documents Posterette - Faculty Kit  (PDF File)

Accessible Tests Posterette - Faculty Kit  (PDF File) (ACCESS-ed)

Equivalent Text Descriptions Posterette - Faculty Kit  (PDF File) (ACCESS-ed)

FAQ - Faculty Kit  (PDF File) (ACCESS-ed)

Introduction Letter to Faculty Kit  (PDF File) (ACCESS-ed)

Labels for Faculty Kit Folders  (Word Document) (ACCESS-ed)

Slide Presentation Tips - Faculty Kit  (PDF File) (ACCESS-ed)

Syllabus Checklist Posterette - Faculty Kit  (PDF File) (ACCESS-ed)

Top Ten Classroom Accessibility Tips - Faculty Kit  (PDF File) (ACCESS-ed)

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