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Equal Access: UD of Professional Organizations

This 6 page handout is used as a checklist for making professional organizations welcoming, accessible, and usable. Questions regarding planning and policies, the physical environment, staff, resources, and technology can be asked to ensure every member feels welcome and should be able to use the resources and participate in sponsored activites.

DO-IT, Washington University

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Posted by: odonnelll on Wed Dec 16, 2020 at 12:29 p.m.

The resource provided by DO-IT Washington University is very beneficial for programs to utilize in order to ensure students of all abilities have equal access and opportunity to program and organization resources. The six page handout offers a checklist consisting of information resources, planning policy, evaluation, technology, physical environment and products, and staff and volunteers. Under each category questions and information are provided to guide the program in ensuring the resources are accessible.

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Disability is part of the natural diversity of human life. It touches all of us, whether through our own individual experience or that of a family member, neighbor, friend or colleague. As such, we all have a role in—and benefit to gain from—advancing equality for people with disabilities in all sectors of society, including the workplace. 

Assistant Secretary Kathy Martinez, Office of Disability Employment Policy