Departmental Accessibility Resource Coordinators

DARC Resources

There are multiple ways on this website to find resources to review and share with your colleagues. Let's say your group chooses to work on the accessibility of your distance learning courses.

  • You can use the "Search" function. Type "distance learning" into the text field and you will be directed to a list of of the distance learning resources the ACCESS-ed Project has gathered.
  • You can go to the Virtual Accessible Campus, click on Classrooms & Learning, click on Teaching Methods, then click on Distance Learning.  You might find more potential resources in this manner because you will find related topics that do not include "Distance Learning" in their entries.
  • You can go to the Tools & Resources page.  You can scan the annotations in the Video list to see if there is a video resource that addresses your distance learning concerns. A DARC suggestion - You can choose to use that video in your next time slot on the department meeting agenda.
Explore the web site, get to know the concerns of your colleagues, and you will find a match of resource to the need.  If you don't find what you are looking for, please let us know through the feedback form. Please let us know if you find a great resource to share.

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Stephen J. Cannell, Emmy award winning television producer, writer, novelist