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Universality of Captioning

A lecture from the ACCESS-ed Conference 2008 presented by Virginia Chiaverina, of PEPNet, which goes in depth on the idea of captioning from its beginning to today and how it can be applied to classroom settings. The lecture is presented in five parts, each of which apply to captioning but all entail a different aspect.

1 of 5 (captioned) World of Captioning in New Media  (YouTube Video)

1 of 5 (video described) World of Captioning in New Media  (YouTube Video)

2 of 5 (captioned) Captioning on Media  (YouTube Video)

2 of 5 (video described) Captioning on Media  (YouTube Video)

3 of 5 (captioned) Who Uses Captioning?  (YouTube Video)

3 of 5 (video described) Who Uses Captioning?  (YouTube Video)

4 of 5 (captioned) Benefits for all Students  (YouTube Video)

4 of 5 (vid. described) Benefits for all Students  (YouTube Video)

5 of 5 (captioned) Additional Tools for Teachers  (YouTube Video)

5 of 5 (vid. described) Additional Tools for Teachers  (YouTube Video)

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"We cannot afford to let the issue of disabilities be simply an afterthought. We have a unique opportunity now, as industry pours billions of dollars into upgrading the communications infrastructure, to make sure that people with disabilities are not left behind. Now is the time. Accessibility of services and products for all Americans has got to be a design feature, not an add-on."

Chairman Kennard, Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Statement on Video Description, 11/18/99